Small Carnivores of Western Ghats

With newer advances in understanding carnivore ecology, studies on small carnivores are very limited in India. Small carnivores especially small cats are more specialized than their cousins the big cats in terms of their distribution, population and their habitat preferences are the need of the hour to ensure better management and conservation of the species inside and outside protected areas. Mammals of the families of Viverridae, Herpestidae, Felidae, and Mustelidae are considered small carnivores. About 37 species of small carnivores are reported from India. They belong to Felidae (cats), Viverridae (civets, linsangs, and binturong), Herpestidae (mongooses), Procyonidae (Red Panda), and Mustelidae (otters, martens, weasels, and badgers). Small carnivores occupy wide ranges of habitats from coastal plains to thick evergreen forests up to grasslands. The main goal of this exploration is to establish a photographic and geographic record of small carnivore species’ presence and create distribution maps of the species.